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Tired of running out of ice on multi-day trips? Want to have cocktail ice on Day 7? Then it's time to invest in a YETI Tundra Cooler! Simply put, the Tundra series of coolers are the best rafting coolers on the market today. No other cooler can match the durability, insulation or sleek design of a YETI. With 2 inches of insulation all around and 3 inches in the lid, the Tundra series is the ultimate in ice retention.

Packed with usable features, you'll never regret your purchase of a YETI Tundra. Molded-in tie down slots allow you to access the cooler without having to undo any straps. Full-length, self-stopping hinge will never break or need to be replaced. A freezer grade gasket keeps cold air in and warm air out. Two secure padlock holes for effectively keeping bears (or people) out of your cooler. Dry ice compatible for maximum ice retention. Plus a slew of accessories for inside and out of your YETI cooler. In short, if you're looking for the last cooler you'll ever buy, look no further than the YETI Tundra.

  • One-piece, roto-molded polyethylene construction is extremely durable
  • Constructed of food-grade material that is dry ice compatible and UV resistant
  • A minimum of two inches of YETI’s polyurethane foam throughout the cooler body (3” in the lid) provides superior insulation
  • Freezer-style sealing gasket locks in the cold
  • T-latch keepers are molded into cooler body which can’t fail
  • Full-length, self-stopping hinge can’t hyper-extend and break
  • Padlock holes are molded into cooler body and lid
  • Non-slip, non-marking rubber feet help keep the cooler where you put it
  • Nylon rope and textured grip handles make carrying easier
  • Recessed drain plug and rubber washer guarantee leak-proof reliability
  • Tie-down points are molded into the cooler body for solid mounting
  • Dry goods rack included, prevents soggy sandwiches

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