AIRE E Series Rafts

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E Series Rafts

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On AIRE's 'E' series rafts, the ‘E’ stands for the overall elliptical shape of the boat.  These rafts feature a pointed, high-rising bow for punching waves with a squared-off stern that makes a nice platform for the paddle captain.  'E' Series rafts rise 2 inches higher in the bow than the R series.  They also have a slightly narrower width and smaller diameter tubes, allowing the boats to ride high on the crest of a wave for maximum thrills and maneuverability.  The 'E' series is a favorite choice of outfitters on narrow, rocky and technical rivers such as the Upper Animas, Piedra, and Gore Canyon.

Boat is priced with no thwarts, each thwart is available separately here.

Free floor lace with purchase!*

*Free floor lacing on 143 and 156 models only if picked up in-store*

For extra durability this model is available constructed with Urethane fabric. Please call for pricing.



Length Width Tube Diameter Weight Capacity
13'2 6'2 19.5 115 lbs 1150 lbs
14'3 6'7 20 in 136 lbs 1620 lbs
15'6 7'1 21.5 in 159 lbs 2215 lbs

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