Sawyer DyneLite Blade

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DyneLite Blade

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The Sawyer DyneLite blades are the top choice if you're looking for the most durable blade available. The DyneLite blades manufactured from Dynel, carbon fiber, fiberglass and epoxy over a wood core, making the DyneLite blade the lightest and one of the strongest oar blades on the market. The DyneLite has a  2lb overall weight with a 15oz tip weight and feature a very thin cross section and controlled flex. 

  • The 1 5/8" diameter will fit the Sawyer Polecat, Sawyer MX-S, or any Cataract or Carlisle oars.
  • The 1 3/4" diameter will fit the Sawyer MX oars
  • Narrow Blades: 6" W x 30" L
  • Wide Blades: 7" W x 30" L

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