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WH1 Whitewater Paddle - Bent Shaft

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Item #1248859

Whitewater Technologies WH1 whitewater bent shaft carbon kayak paddle. Made for running everything from big water playboating to steep creek'in southern style, this bent shaft paddle will deliver sold strokes with every eddy turn. The bent shaft lowers fatigue and just feels right making big boof strokes and ripping in and out of eddy lines.

  • Non woven Carbon Aramid AirCore(TM)
  • Ergonomically designed bent shaft for ideal hand position and comfort.
  • Large blade surface for greater stroke power and superior purchase.
  • 100% USA Made using at least 40% recycled carbon fiber material.
  • 5 year warranty & damage replacement.
  • 1 Piece design


Weight Blade Area Blade Length Blade Width
950g / 33.5oz 725cm² / 112 inch². 49 cm / 19 inch. 20 cm / 7.75 inch.