Tributary Tater IK

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Item #1089667

The AIRE Tributary Tater 8'9 Inflatable Kayak is a budget whitewater IK that is big on fun, but small on funds. A larger version of the Spud, the Tater is geared more towards full-sized adults looking for a thrilling ride. The Tater utilizes the versatile AIREcell bladder system, making it super durable yet easy to repair, while still being light weight and easily packable. Thwart seat provides solid, adjustable support. Whether you're looking for a sporty boat to add to your fleet, or just looking for something affordable, the Tributary Tater IK will be sure to put a smile on your face.

  • Sporty, adult-sized fun
  • Self-Bailing floor
  • Inflatable thwart seat
  • AIREcell system


Length Width Tube Diameter Rocker Weight Capacity Warranty
8'4 38" 11.5" 8.5" 24.5" 275 lbs 1 Year