4CRS ACA Whitewater Kayak Intructor Update

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ACA Whitewater Kayak Intructor Update

Item #: KS002
From: $250.00
Class Information Packet (please read)

If you do NOT have a current ACA intructor certification, you need to register for IDW/ICE Whitewater Kayak Instructor Class May 9-13.




This class is only for current ACA IDW/ICE Whitewater Kayak Certified Instructors. It is an update class that runs concurrent with the IDW/ICE Whitewater Kayak Instructor Certification class, May 2

Start Time:

  • First session: May 9-10 2018, 8am-5pm
  • Second session: May 12-13 2018, 8am-5pm

American Canoe Association (ACA) River Kayak Instructor Development and Certification Workshop.  This course will strengthen your kayaking skills, provide you with solid teaching methods and creates a solid background to be a whitewater kayak instructor.

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