Party Braaap

2021 photos unavailable. Bluegrass and Purple Rain shown in other models for example.
Item #M1087

The LiquidLogic Party Braaap is one of the original "retro revolution" throwback designs. This sporty river runner is made to feel like a mix between a slalom and creek boat, with a little bit of playboat thrown in for good measure. The Party Braaap is super fun for those Class IV creeky feeling runs that you don't want a full on creek boat for, but also don't want to cram into a playboat for. High rocker bow boofs on command while the squished stern is easy to bury when you want to. Displacement hull makes this a super fast and dynamic design. The perfect mid-quiver boat, the Party Braaap is sure to put a smile on your face!

  • High rocker, displacement hull
  • Reduced stern volume for squirts and pivot turns
  • Super fun quiver boat
  • BadAss Outfitting



Length Width Volume Weight Capacity Skirt Size
 8'11 24.5in 67 gal 44 lbs 100-220 lbs LG