ClampIt Utility Mount

Item #597461

Use the NRS ClampIT Utility Mount to attach Scotty Rod Holder Bases and RAM Bulkhead Flat/Surface Bases to the NRS ClampIt Mount and your frame . Fits snugly and is easily movable from place-to-place.

  • The ClampIT Frame Attachment sold separately, is a forged aluminum mounting device that clamps to 1 5/8" diameter pipe with a cam-lever action.
  • To assemble the Utility Mount, place the round metal piece with square base in the square recess on the plate. Take the shortest bolt and thread it into the round piece, leaving it loose.
  • Now slip the round piece in the receiving slot of the ClampIT. Center the ClampIT on the plate and tighten with a 3/16" (5 mm) hex wrench (not included).
  • Use the four longer bolts to secure your Scotty or RAM base to the plate.
  • Snap the ClampIT on our 1 5/8" frame pipe. It's easy to put on and a snap to remove and relocate.
  • Mounting hole pattern is 1 3/8" x 3 1/4"