AIRE D Series Rafts

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D Series Rafts

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The AIRE D Series Rafts are surprisingly agile yet incredibly versatile boats that can accommodate anything from a paddle-team run down the local river to a multi-day whitewater expedition.  The 'D' stands for diminishing tubes; in the bow and stern, the tubes diminish in diameter.  This smaller diameter gives more rocker to the boats, lifting up the bow and stern for a drier ride up and over waves.  It also opens up more cargo space in the ends of the boat.  We find the 'D' series to be the best blend of performance and gear-hauling capability.  Plus, the already bomber D Series rafts have now been upgraded by adding a frame chafe strip on top.  This has improved their durability while allowing them to maintain the same sporty characteristics that they're known for.

The AIRE 130D is a great size for smaller rivers, R2-R5 paddle crews, and shorter multi-days. Also doubles as a fishing rig. 

The AIRE 143D is the most popular size and is the SUV of rafts. It will do just about anything!

The AIRE 156D does the duty of a big boat, but performs like a 14'er. Great for desert multi-days! 

  • ­AireCell System - PVC Shell / Urethane Liner
  • Valve Type: Leafield C-7 & Pressure Relief
  • Warranty: 10 Year- No Fault
  • Includes repair kit
  • Prices listed are with no thwarts. Add up to 3 thwarts here.

Boat is priced with no thwarts, each thwart is available separately here.

Free floor lace with purchase! *

*Lacing in the floor may incur additional freight charges. Contact us for more info.*

For extra durability this model is available constructed with Urethane fabric. Please call for pricing.



Length Width Weight Tube Diameter Rocker Chambers Waterline Frame Size
13' 6'3 102 lbs 19 in 12in 5 91in 60" x 72"
14'3 6'6 114 lbs 20 in 10.5in 5 108in 60" x 88"
15'6 6'9 124 lbs 22 in 13.5in 5 107in 66" x 96"

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