Item #718448

Used Super Puma

Price: $8349.00 $5349.00
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Used AIRE Super Puma raft package from our 2019 demo fleet. This boat still has 9 years left on the No-Fault warranty. Set up for fishing, but easily converts to a whitewater setup. Includes the following: 

  • AIRE Super Puma Blue
  • 3-bay NRS Frame with DRE foot bar
  • High back tractor seat 
  • 75qt Canyon Cooler w/ traction pad
  • 3 Sawyer Polecat oars w/ NRS Helix Oar Blades
  • Stern mount fishing seat w/ High Back Swivel Seat
  • NRS Y-Shaped Thigh Bar
  • NRS U-Shaped Full Wrap Thigh Bar
  • 2 NRS Casting Platforms
  • NRS Raft Anchor System w/ 25lbs Anchor
  • 2 Scotty Fly Rod Holders w/ NRS ClampIt Mounts
  • DRE Drop Bag w/ lid
  • DRE Shorty Barrel Pump
  • Type IV Throw Cushion
  • Salamander Throw Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Bow / Perimiter Line
  • 2 Thwarts

Also available without fishing accessories (listed in italics above) for $1000 less. Trailer is NOT included and is not for sale. 

We CAN ship within CO, NM, UT and ID for less than the listed amount, so contact us for an exact shipping quote.