Down River

Cope & Weld Flip Seat Bracket

This item is currently not available, please check back soon.
Item #557968

The Down River Cope and Welded Aluminum Flip Seat Bracket is a the best option if you want to maximize cargo space and row from a traditional foam tractor style seat. This bracket mounts to your frame pinned into two tee fittings with two collars on either side to prevent movement from side to side. The rear feet rest on the rear crossbar. You can run a cam strap around the rear bracket and around the rear crossbar to be rigged to flip. The bracket is easily removable, making it easy to stack boats or to remove it for heavy whitewater.
When measuring for fit, please add 1.5 inches to whatever box or cooler you are trying to fit over. For example, if you box is 16" deep, you will need to order the 17.5" bracket in order for the bracket to clear the box corners. Choose from sizing for NRS (1.25" nominal) or DRE (1.5" nominal) frames.
*We have DRE build these brackets in the "wide build" so that the aluminum plate is mounted to the bottom of the tubes and the seat sits in-between them so that you sit as low as possible. If you would like it built on top as is shown in the photo, please mention that in the order notes. Pictured with optional low back tractor seat. Sold separately.*