STAR Pike Fishing IK

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Perfect for the angler who wants a boat that transports and stores easily, the NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak includes everything fisherman look for in a kayak in an easy to use package. At nearly 13 feet long, the Pike tracks very well through flatwater, but remains sporty and manueverable when needed. The rigid keels in the bow and stern help keep the boat straight in rough water or wind, while the rigid PVC drop-stitch floor offers anglers and stable platform above the water. To further help with tracking the boat also includes a removable skeg. 

The boat is outfitted specifically for fishing, featuring a comfy, high back mesh seat that attaches via D-Rings. Sixteen tie down points allow lots of different ways to secure cargo and five Scotty mount bases make it easy to mount rod holders and other fishing accessories. 

  • 1 folding-back fishing seat
  • Carry bag
  • Pump
  • 1 All-Water fin
  • 3 Year Retail Warranty, 2 Year Commercial


Length Width Weight Diameter Rocker
12' 8" 38" 45 lbs 10.5" 14"