STAR Slice Paddle Cats

$1695.00 to $1995.00
$1695.00 to $1995.00
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The NRS STAR Slice & Slice XL Paddle Catarafts are versatile paddle boats that are solid performers in almost any grade whitewater and are easy to pack / transport. A raised high-pressure floor and continuous-curve tubes make the STAR Slice Paddle Cataraft stable, responsive and aggressive for punching through holes and rocketing over waves. Paddle it with one or two people for a whitewater experience like no other. The STAR Slice XL Paddle Cataraft delivers the same high-octane whitewater performance as the original Slice but with greater stability and carrying capacity of up to four paddlers. Integrated self-draining compartments in the bow and stern allow you to carry some gear along. 

  • The self-bailing PVC floor is raised 6", so only the side tubes touch the water. This creates a fast, stable and highly maneuverable whitewater machine.
  • A high-pressure 3" drop-stitch deck attaches to the self-bailing floor to create a solid, stable and stiff platform for one or two paddlers.
  • Self-draining zippered compartments in the bow and stern keep gear and supplies organized and out of the way.
  • Top-quality Leafield C7 valves ensure trouble free inflation and deflation.
  • Five separate air chambers ensure you'll stay afloat in the event of a puncture.
  • Includes two handles and ten 1.5" stainless steel D-rings for strapping down gear, running grab lines, or rigging a small rowing frame.
  • Top-quality Leafield C7 valves ensure trouble-free inflation and deflation.
  • High-pressure hand pump required to fully inflate the drop-stitch floor.
  • STAR rafts and catarafts are built with advanced-formula PVC material using state-of-the-art seam welding technology, resulting in superior abrasion resistance, longevity and air retention.
  • Includes repair kit.
  • 5-year retail warranty, 3-year commercial.


Length Width Weight Tube Diameter Thwarts Rocker
11' 66 in 66 lbs 20 in 2 26 in
12'8" 70 in 79 lbs 22 in 3 30 in