Blue Sky

Flex eDrive Motor

Item #474152

The Blue Sky Boatworks FD eDrive adds electric propulsion to your Blue Sky or Jackson FD model kayak! The eDrive plugs directly into the lower unit; simply remove the upper pedal unit, attach the eDrive, connect your battery and you're off! Compact and weighing less than eight pounds, the FD-E stores within the boat’s hatch along with battery and cables making installation instant and with no drilling or motor brackets needed. The FD-e comes ready to work with 12 or 24V deep cycle or lithium battery.

The rugged FD-e motor is housed in an injection-molded case that is marine-ready and maintenance-free. Forward-reverse and speed are controlled by a single knob – even a novice can connect and operate Flex eDrive in minutes. With the flexibility to run under the power of a lithium or deep-cycle battery, the Flex eDrive greatly extends the on-water range for every user. Included in the kit:

  • (1) – Motor Unit
  • (2) – Killswitch Keys
  • (1) – Battery Cable
  • (2) – 3/8” Heat Shrink Insulated Ring Terminals
  • (2) – 1/4” Heat Shrink Insulated Ring Terminals
  • (1) – Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin
  • (1) – Specifications Stickers
  • (1) – Owner’s Manual (Digital Version)


Note: You will need to have our two-bladed 10 x 10 Pitch Pedal / 12V Prop installed for maximum efficiency with a 12V battery. The 10 x 10 prop is the optimal prop for pedaling your boat, as well. If you are running 24V, use our 9 x 5 Pitch / 24V Prop for optimal performance. The two-bladed 10 x 10 prop has been standard on our boats since 2019; if you have a three-bladed prop we highly recommend using the correct prop listed above. Battery not included.

For more detailed info on this product, see Jackson's FAQ page here