Coyote River Gear

Sand Free Mats

$34.95 $27.95
$27.95 to $69.95
3x3 and 8x8 available again March 2020
Item #331592

Coyote Sand Free Mats are one of our favorite items to bring on multi-day desert floats or as an addition to any gear bag! The Sand Free Mat features a lightweight, triple layer mesh that separates you and your gear from every boaters worst enemy: Sand. Available various sizes, we find the 3x3 to be most useful on self support trips or as a changing mat, while the 3x6s, 6x6s, 8x8s and 10x10s are useful for lounging, drying gear, kitchen mats, under cots or sleeping pads, or just about any use you can find for them! We prefer the Coyote mats to other brands because they are lighter weight, easier to pack due to the increased flexibility of the material, and are easier to shake out and clean. The Sand Free Mat features stake down points on the corners to keep them secure and a reinforced edge for durability. Keep you and your gear sand free and happy with the Coyote Sand Mats! 

  • Lightweight, easy packing & cleaning 3-layer mesh design
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • D-ring tie downs on each corner
  • Separates you from the sand. Small particles fall right thru the mesh material!