Mirage i11s

Item #397851

The Hobie Mirage i11s is a new take on the Mirage iSeries that combines the efficiency of a Mirage Kayak with the versatility of the Hobie Sportsman SUP.  Want to SUP in the morning and kayak fish in the afternoon?  The i11s is the perfect boat for you! The i11s features Hobie's new Vantage Seat for inflatables, giving you ultimate comfort and adjustability.  The low profile of the new design makes it easy to travel with, while giving you ultimate versatility.  The rigid, inflatable drop-stitch hull provides precise handling, while the detachable rudder cable lets you use the rudder no matter what configuration the boat is in. 

  • Mirage 180 ARC Drive with Kick-Up Fins
  • Versatile kayak / SUP hybrid design
  • Comfortable Vantage CTi inflatable seating
  • Moveable rudder control
  • Compact and lightweight for travel
  • Travel paddle, Pump and Travel bag included. Bag size 36" x 25" x 12"


Length Width Hull Weight Rigged Weight Capacity
11'3" 39" 35.5 lbs 64.5 lbs 400 lbs