Jackson Kayak 2018 Antix S Bluegrass

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Jackson Kayak

2018 Antix S Bluegrass



The Jackson Kayak Antix is a new playful creeking / river running design, borrowing from the slicey boats of yesteryear, with modern lines, volume distribution and outfitting. The Antix is fun, easy to paddle, and allows you to add some flare to your local creek or river run. The new design is fast and responsive, with a low volume stern for splatting, squirting and surfing to your hearts content. The Antix turns quickly, squirts, spins, splats and freewheels, while still having enough volume to run rapids on the upper end of your comfort zone. The rounded chines and forgiving lines help keep things upright, while still allowing you to throw the boat around when you want. Explore the river in a new way, with the Jackson Antix!


  • Slicey Stern
  • Planning Hull
  • Sure-Lock Backband 
  • Uni-Shock Bulkhead System
  • Premium Outfitting
  • Light weight design
  • GoPro ready

Length - 7'4"

Width - 25"

Height - 12."

Weight - 33 lbs

Volume - 56 gallons

Cockpit size - Large

Paddler Weight - 80-130 lbs

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