Jackson Kayak

Cruise FD

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Pedal or paddle with the Jackson Cruise FD pedal drive kayak! The unique Flex Drive pedal system uses an articulating daggerboard to protect the prop and help the Cruise to track straight even in heavy winds and helps act as a keel in adding stability when standing on the deck. The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever and automtically retracts when the dagger board hits an obstacle. The hull of the Cruise FD is sharp and cuts swiftly, silently and efficiently through whatever water it encounters, making it faster than its sibling, the Coosa FD. Combined with an industry-leading turning radius, the Cruise FD is positioned to be a standout on the water. Miles roll by effortlessly - lets go for a Cruise!

  • Innovative Flex Drive pedal system
  • Fast hull design for longer distance pedaling
  • Integrated daggerboard
  • Adjustable pitch, 3 blade prop
  • Integrated accessory gear tracks for RAM and similar mounts
  • Hinged prop-cover for easy access to the prop from the cockpit
  • Dual rudder control with poly-rod instead of cables




Length Width Height Weight Capacity
11'10 33 in 15 in 85 lbs 400 lbs