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The best selling kayak of all time, the Dagger RPM, is back! Twelve years after the last production model rolled off the assembly line, the Max has returned due to huge demand from paddlers everywhere. The RPM redefined paddling and helps blend river running and playboating. The boat's displacement hull is easy to roll and predictable for beginner and intermediate paddlers, but is fast, sporty, and responsive, making it a joy to paddle for advanced boaters too. 

The re-release of this classic is especially exciting as the boat now features Dagger's best in class Contour Ergo outfitting, making this run of boats safer and more comfortable than ever before. From class I to class V, the RPM makes kayaking fun again!


Size Length Width Volume Weight Paddler Weight Cockpit Size  
9.0 9' 24 in 60 gal 38.5 lbs 110-200 lbs L

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