Jackson Kayak Happy Feet Footbag

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Jackson Kayak

Happy Feet Footbag



The Jackson Kayak Happy Feet Footbag has changed the way we think about comfort and adjustability. Tuck your feet into the bean bag and wiggle in until super comfy, then close the valve and your footprint is molded in. Pump the bulb which inflates the adjustment bladder and it will tighten up the bag until you have the perfect fit for play or hard lines. When you are ready for the long flatwater out or more kicked back paddling, hit the release valve, for plenty of foot room and knees-out-of-the-braces paddling.
  • Tough nylon constuction
  • Acts as a bow flotation bag
  • Lightweight

What size Happy Feet Footbag do you need?

You will need to remove the existing footbrace from your kayak. Once you do that, how much footroom do you have? If there is not much wiggle room around your feet, get the small footbag. If you do have some space, go for the large. If you are having trouble deciding, you can always get a small bag, and add minicell inside the bow of the boat to bring the bag closer to you.

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