Down River

Gunnison Drybox

$515.00 to $575.00
$515.00 to $575.00
Aluminum dryboxes excluded from sale pricing
Item #100007

The Down River Gunnison Dry Boxes are built with 0.080" thick aircraft grade aluminum, resulting in the strongest, most durable box for its weight. No hangers are required as each box has built-in tabs that rest on the frame rails. Shoe box style lid with rubber gasket ensures the box will stay tight and as dry as possible. 

  • Length: Measure narrowest point of boat width at apex of your tubes for max width. We recommend going 1-2" narrower than your overall interior boat width. 
  • Shimmed models come with 3/4" tab shims to acommodate captain's chairs or flip brackets. Will add 1.5" to overall width (18" box will drop into 19.5" bay)


Length Width Height Tab Height
34in 18in 14in 11in
38in 18in 15in 12in
42in 18in 16in 13in