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Stinger XP

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 The Liquidlogic Stinger and Stinger XP are made to go fast. Whether you're ripping down the Green River Narrows on the first Saturday in November or self supporting the Grand Canyon, the Stinger is a blast to paddle. Based off of the ever popular Remix hull, the Stinger is a high performance race kayak. Thanks to the extra length, the boat is able to plane out of drops in a way that is unmatched by other boats. The narrow profile makes the boat transistion from edge to edge quickly, allowing for quick and precise manuevers, despite the boat's 12'5" length. Ample bow rocker keeps your bow high and dry maximizing speed. Liquidlogic's proven BadAss outfitting completes the package, making this boat a fun choice for paddling excursions of all types. 

The Stinger XP is the hull design as the Stinger, but includes a rear storage hatch and a drop skeg, making it a self support machine. 


Length Width Volume Weight Paddler Weight Cockpit Size  
12'5" 24.25 in 100 gal 55 lbs 120-300 lbs XL