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Square Dutch Ovens

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Partner Steel Dutch Ovens are made of food grade aluminum, and are hard anodized so they don't scratch when you use stainless steel utensils in them. These super versatile dutch ovens can be used in the traditional sense, or on the grill as a pot / skillet set. Square nesting design makes the extremely space efficient for packing into tight spaces. Use them to bake bread, pastries, cakes, pies or cook stews, chili, Cornish game hens, turkeys, chickens, etc. We carry the 10qt and 12qt models, but call us about other available nesting sizes. Ovens can be stacked for cooking an entire meal at once by using stainless steel leg stands (sold separately). Made in the USA.


DO1210 12" - 10 Quarts
* Outside Top: 12.25"
* Top w/ Handles: 15.75"
* Inside Depth: 6"
* Height: 6.25"
* Height w/ handles: 6.75"
* Bottom: 10.5"
* Total Weight: 12 lbs.
* Main Dish Serves: 10 to 15

DO1312 13" - 12 Quarts
* Outside Top: 13.25"
* Top w/ Handles: 16.75"
* Inside Depth: 6.5"
* Height: 6.75"
* Height w/ handles: 7.0"
* Bottom: 11.5"
* Total Weight: 14 lbs.
* Main Dish Serves: 12 to 18