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Prospector TFormex Canoe

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The Wenonah Prospector T-Formex Canoe is a river running workhorse. Designed to navigate whitewater with ease, this proven design is the perfect combination of stability and maneuverability. The symmetrical hull shape allows for a single paddler to load the boat with gear, turn around on the bow seat, and paddle the boat solo. 

 Made using T-Formex construction, this canoe is incredibly durable, making it perfect for river runners and sportsmen alike. T-formex canoes are made using multi-laminate sheets with a closed-cell rigid foam core for structure and buoyancy, making them lighter than either polyethylene.



Length Max Width Center Depth Rocker Weight
15' 37in 14in 2.5in 62 lbs
16' 37in 15in 2.5in 71 lbs