Aurora 16 Tuf-weave Flex-core Canoe

Item #13081

The Wenonah Aurora 16' Canoe is the perfect all-around canoe for families looking for the best combination of performance and durability. Designed with exploration, day trips and fishing in mind, the Aurora has a contoured hull that is predictable, reliable and very user friendly, even in adverse conditions such as wind or waves. The Aurora is a smaller version of the ever popular Spirit II, but 1 foot shorter, making it more maneuverable, especially in smaller rivers. 

This boat is constructed using Tuf-weave Flex-core, which is the most durable of all the Wenonah composite layups. Made with 50% polyester and 50% fiberglass, the Tuf-weave Flex-core combines the best qualities of each material to make one that outperforms either alone. This layup is the best combination of impact resistance, weight, durability, and cost.


Length - 16'0"

Gunwale Width - 35"

Waterline Width - 35.5"

Max Width - 36"

Weight -  55 lbs