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Delta V

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The Liquidlogic Kayaks Delta V is the newest creeker from Liquidlogic. Designed by Pat Keller, the Delta V takes cues from the incredibly popular Braaap (kick rocker for speed and maneuverability) and the Jefe series (a displacement hull predictability and stability and a comparable size). These features come together to create the ultimate creeker. The Delta V uses unique design features to maximize performance. Turbo booster pockets and a scooped stern can be engaged to create speed coming out of drops. The locking V ridge on the top of the boat helps with resurfacing in a predictable way. Beginner and intermediate paddlers will love the predictable and easy to roll nature of the boat, while expert will love the combination of speed and maneuverability. 


Length Width Weight Volume Paddler Weight Cockpit
8'6 27" 49 lbs 88 Gal 150-250 lbs 34.5 x 21
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