Pinnacle Ultralight Stove System

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Item #M1100

The GSI Pinnacle Complete Ultralight Stove & Cookset are the perfect compact, all-inclusive stove and cook sets. These complete Soloist or Dualist cooking systems are great for self-support trips or as a complimentary personal stove to your larger kitchen setup. Each set includes stove, pot, insulated mug(s) & bowl(s), lid(s), and collapsible Foon(s), all of which fits inside of the pot (and the fuel canister too!). Crushproof, heat-resistant, nylon lid and silicone ring won't deform in packs and includes an integrated strainer. Folding handle locks into place for cooking and secures entire set for transport. Also included is a handy carry bag that doubles as a dish bucket when in the field, as well as an integrated windscreen. This kit is very well thought out and extremely efficient.


Canister Top Stove, Windscreen w/ Folding Base Plate, 1.8 L Pot (Dualist) / 1.1L Pot (Soloist) , Strainer Lid, 1 or 2 Mugs w/ Insulated Sleeves, 1 or 2 Bowls, 1 or 2 Sip-It Tops, 1 or 2 Telescoping Foons, Stove Bag, Welded Sink


26oz (Dualist) / 16oz (Soloist)