Braaap 69

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Item #M0184

The LiquidLogic Braaap 69 whitewater kayak is the progression in how a performance river running boat is defined. Designed from the beginning to handle as hard of whitewater as you dare throw at it (its been down the Stikine...), while still being playful enough to splat and squirt your way down the river. The Braaap's hull is derived from modern slalom kayak designs, giving it crisp feedback while paddling across eddylines or in cross currents. The responsive and easy rolling hull design create an excellent learning platform for novice paddlers, while the speed and agility of the Braaap provide with precise control going downriver. The Braaap has enough volume for just about any whitewater run, while still being small enough to control in the air or during pivot turns, plus it surfs like a dream.

The Braaap truly is a different way to look at running the river. The narrow slalom hull design will make it feel less stable when you first get in the boat but once you feel the acceleration, and agility you will understand. The Braaap in very basic terms is a short Stinger. At 24.5 inches wide it is built for speed and agility. The difference from the Stinger is that is has a modern slalom hull design that makes it very nimble and fun to paddle. It does pivot turns really well so that you can change direction quickly. The rounder hull and deck make it a very forgiving river runner and more user friendly when boofing and working with rocks. The Braaap just wants to go fast, carve into and out of eddies, surf all day, and open your eyes to running the river in a completely new way.


Length Width Weight Volume Paddler Weight Cockpit
8'11 24.5" 44 lbs 67 Gal 100-220 lbs 34.5 x 21