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The LiquidLogic Mullet whitewater kayak is a boat bred by demand. When the Braaap was launched, it was almost immediately noticed that larger paddlers wanted something more playful and larger volume. And thus the Mullet was born; all business up front and a party in the back. Like it's cousin, the Braaap, the hull shape is derived from modern slalom boat designs and gives the Mullet its speed and maneuverability.  The Mullet has plenty of rocker and volume in the bow to boof, ender and surge up and over obstructions, which also allows for ample foot room for the bigger guys.  The low volume slicey stern is ready to squirt, splat, blast and surf just about any feature you dare. The pronounced kick rocker behind the cockpt allows the Mullet to pivot on the stern very quickly and to snap carve turns in to eddies.  Whether you're learning the "oldschool" moves, or you already know your way around a proper stern squirt, this boat will become your go to design.


Length Width Weight Volume Paddler Weight Cockpit
9' 26.25" 45 lbs 71 gal 150-275 lbs XL
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