Starboard ASAP Whopper JR Paddle Board

ASAP Whopper JR Paddle Board
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ASAP Whopper JR Paddle Board

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The Starboard ASAP Whopper JR 9'6 Stand Up Paddle Board is a smaller, more performance minded version of the best selling ASAP Whopper. The JR 9'6 features a slightly shorter, narrower platform for smaller paddlers and those looking for more performance on a wave. The most noticeable difference is the Mono to Double Concave to Tail Concave hull profile, making it quicker, more responsive edge to edge and provides lift on a wave. High tip rocker keeps the nose from pearling on steeper faces.  

The ASAP construction makes it a great choice for mild river use as well, or for those who are a bit more gear abusive. Full soft top deck is great for those with kids, dogs or wanting to lay down / do yoga on the board. 

  • Durable ASAP construction
  • Full soft deck
  • Higher performance hull design
  • High rocker tip 


Length Width Thickness Volume Fins
9'6 ft 33 in 4.4 in 166 liters 2+1

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