Starboard ASAP Atlas 12 Paddle Board

ASAP Atlas 12 Paddle Board
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ASAP Atlas 12 Paddle Board

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The Starboard ASAP Atlas 12 Stand Up Paddle Board is an extremely versatile SUP design that is perfect for beginners, larger paddlers, fishermen, or those looking to paddle with heavy cargo (kids, dogs, overnight gear, etc.) At 12' long, the Atlas glides and tracks with ease, while still being plenty stable at 33" wide. The hull profile creates a lively feel in the board that accelerates, glides and turns easily. Complete your one-board quiver with the ASAP Atlas 12!  

  • The 33” width offers a stable platform for entry-level paddlers up to 115kg.
  • 12’0” length is the longest in the all round range and has the fastest glide.
  • Available in Starshot, ASAP and Inflatable Technologies.
  • Easy rail-to-rail drive, speed and mid-point turning.
  • Smooth cutbacks when stepping back onto the tail.
  • Bottom shape: “Mono to double concave to V in the tail.”


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