Kraken Paddle Board

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$1299.00 to $1349.00
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Item #M0901

The Boardworks Kraken stand up paddle board is designed to be stable, making it great for beginner / intermediate paddlers and surfers. A great choice if you are looking for a board that is stable enough for some yoga or fishing, and easy to control in surf or in the flat and calm.  This is a good sporty all around board for Durango that you can road trip to California/Baja and surf with!

The 11' model is a luxury touring model designed more for flatwater.  At 32" wide and a narrower profile throughout, the 11' has more glide than its smaller siblings, better for longer distance or fitness paddling. 

  • Pulled in nose and tail design with thinned out rails for excellent surf performance in small to medium waves
  • Includes LiftSUP handles for easy handling and locking
  • Attractive graphics over bamboo veneer
  • Superior glide & great tracking
  • Ultra comfortable honey fomb deck pad


Size Volume Fins Tech
10'3 x 34in x 4.75in 200 L 2 + 1 EPX-V
11'0 x 32in x 4.75in 199 L 2 + 1 EPX-V