Werner Paddles Legend 99 - 1pc Whitewater SUP Paddle

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Werner Paddles

Legend 99 - 1pc Whitewater SUP Paddle

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The Werner Legend 99 1pc Carbon Whitewater SUP Paddle is the ultimate in stand up whitewater performance.  The buoyant, full carbon blade provides supreme bracing and paddling ability.  Werner added Dynel® edging to protect the blade from impact while you navigate shallow waters and boulder gardens to your favorite surfing wave.  Slight offset (7º) between the shaft and the blade improves bracing performance and is ideal for surfing and quick forward strokes needed on the river.  Adapted from Werner's famed 'Bomber' kayak paddle, this new SUP paddle is sure to become legendary!

One piece paddles provide the lightest weight design.  These paddles come uncut, but we will cut and permanently adhere the handle for each individual's size.  


Weight: 539g / 19oz

Blade Surface Area 99 in2

Blade Length x Width 19in x 7.25in

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