Werner Paddles Zen 95 - 1pc SUP Paddle

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Werner Paddles

Zen 95 - 1pc SUP Paddle

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The Werner Zen 95 1 piece SUP paddle offers premium performance due to its lightweight construction, stiffness, and durability.  The Zen is the updated version of the Carve, one of our best selling SUP paddles.  The new design features a slightly longer, slender blade that has an easier catch allowing for a faster cadence with less fatigue.  The Zen 95 is suitable for larger paddlers or those who really want to move some water. 

One piece paddles provide the lightest weight design.  These paddles come uncut, but we will cut and permanently adhere the handle for each individual's size. 


Weight:  588g. /  20.75oz.

Blade Surface Area 95 in2

Blade Length x Width 18.75in x 7in

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