Werner Paddles

Thrive 95 - 1pc SUP Paddle

Item #12144


The Werner Thrive 95 1pc Fiberglass SUP Paddle is an excellent option for those who value paddle performance on a budget.  Enjoy the lighter, stiffer paddling ability of a fiberglass blade and shaft.  The Thrive features a slightly longer, slender blade that has an easier catch allowing for a faster cadence with less fatigue while still getting maximum power with each stroke.  This paddle is great for a family board that multiple people of varying abilities can feel comfortable using, or lending out to a friend.  

1-piece paddles are the lightest, strongest, and are preferable from a performance standpoint, but are more difficult to share with friends and family.  Our staff can measure (twice!) and cut the paddle to your preferred length and perminatly adhere the handle into place.  If we are shipping this paddle, and you would like us to cut and adhere the handle, please contact the shop with your preferred length and specifications. 



Weight: 709g / 25oz

Blade Surface Area 95 in2

Blade Length x Width 18.75in x 7in