Immersion Research 7Figure Drytop

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Immersion Research

7Figure Drytop

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The Immersion Research 7Figure Drytop is IR's top of the line drytop, and will stand up to years of use and abuse. The 7Figure utilizes the same WhiteOut base fabric as the rest of their drytop lineup, but adds a polyester outer layer, making the 7Figure more durable and more water resistant in the long run, even after the DWR coat has worn off.  The Polyester fabric used on the 7Figure is also a dense microfiber weave giving the jacket a really supple feel while still being very durable. Finally, polyester is more UV resistant that nylon, so the garment won’t fade as quickly , and over the long haul will be in better shape than similar nylon garments (like the Arch Rival). 


  • Latex neck and wrists. All of IR's latex gaskets are glued in ’cause it’s old school and way better than sewing and taping.
  • All cross seams are hot pressed to be super dry.
  • No 4-way seams in the entire garment because 4 ways seams are hard to tape and less reliable.
  • Neoprene neck cover, neoprene “volcano” wrist closures.
  • Waterproof breathable tunnel


Height   5’ 4”- 5’ 7” 5’ 8”- 5’ 10” 5’ 11”- 6’ 1” 6’ 0”- 6’ 4”  
Weight   125-145 145-165 165-180 180-210  
Chest   36”-38” 39”-41” 42”-44” 45”-48”  
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