Down River

Dolores 3-Bay Raft Frame

$655.00 to $1235.00
$655.00 to $1235.00
Currently backordered 8-9 months
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Item #M0522

The Down River Dolores Raft Frame is a 3-bay expedition frame designed specifically for boats 13' and smaller. The Dolores is available in 3 configurations; single rail, double rail and diamond plate, and two different pipe diameters; LD 1 5/8" and XD 1 7/8". This frame is ideal for everything from your family day float to multi-day expeditions.  It efficiently carries a cooler and dry box as well as a seating area for passengers with storage underneath, or simply more gear. This frame easily breaks down into nine pieces to be packed by car, plane or burro. Includes oar towers and kick bar.  Each Dolores frame is custom built to fit your boat and will take 3-6 weeks of build time. 

  • Super quick break down for portage or transportation. Loosen 10 sets screws and pull 4 snap pins … it’s that simple.
  • DRE’s standard oar towers are the best there are and provide all the adjustability you need to get the perfect rowing position.
  • The towers easily adjust forward or backward to accommodate any arm length.
  • Built in 12° offset to provide the correct relationship between the oar shaft and oar lock. If further adjustment is needed the towers can be easily canted in or out.
  • By design, our oar towers are initially “extra tall” to accommodate even the tallest rower. During an initial one time set up, the bottom of the oar tower needs to be cut off to lower the oar lock to the best height for you.
  • DRE’s oar tower system allows you to make all the adjustments you need to get the exact stroke that you like. This is most appreciated in big water where “every little bit” counts.
  • Frame includes oar towers and kickbar only. Photo shows add-ons like seat, poly table, drop bags and cooler that are not included.
  • XD 1 7/8" pipe or LD 1 5/8" pipe with SpeedRail adjustable fittings.