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9R Kayak

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The Pyranha 9R & 9R-L creek / down river whitewater race kayaks are the first modern race kayaks aimed squarely at the short boat class of extreme races the world over. Precise, forgiving and blazing fast, the 9R sets the standard against which all others will be judged. Featuring a narrow bow, asymmetric planing hull for speed, and full length edges for precision. A raised bow, tailored rocker and unique volume distribution keep you on top of the water in control and in the lead. Get on the podium with the Pyranha 9R.

  • Swede form hull: Asymmetric Swede form and narrow width for speed.
  • High bow: To lift over obstacles, punch holes and resurface quickly.
  • Continuous rocker: For speed.
  • Rounded edge bow: For forgiveness helps keep you on line.
  • Flatter bow profile: To direct water under hull for quick bursts to hull speed.
  • Slight edge: Starting center running to stern for control.
  • Peaked bow deck and stern: For shedding water.
  • Clean edge release off stern: For crossing boils and eddylines.
  • Low profile front cockpit: And recessed rear cockpit to prevent water loading.
  • Wave Deflector: The latest Pyranha innovative feature is the Wave Deflector, and it does just that, deflects most waves away from the kayak, generating dynamic lift, and stopping surface tension sucks the wave up onto the deck, so that it doesn't load the kayak with massive weight and slow the kayak down.



Size Length Width Volume Weight Paddler Weight Cockpit  
9R 8'11 ft 25.2 in 78 gal 43 lbs 130-210 lbs XL
9R-L 8'11 ft 26.7 in 90 gal 50 lbs 165-275 lbs XL

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