Jackson Kayak

Karma RG

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Item #M0889

The Jackson Karma Unlimited RG is the "cross-over / self support" version of the Karma Unlimited, featuring a sealed rear bulkhead with an easy access hatch for loading tons of gear. But the gear storage doesn't end in the rear thanks to the removable foot pegs of the Uni-Shock front bulkhead, allowing you to easily store gear in the bow of the kayak.

The RG features a stretched mash-up of the Karma and Zen hulls, an up-swept bow to keep you on the surface, a peaked deck to slice through the waves and a narrow planing hull to accelerate across boils and current differentials that is easy to control at high speeds. Back at the stern we’ve got a high parting line which generates the best secondary stability of any kayak in our line and also enhances storage capabilities. Down below, the low rocker profile swoops continuously from under the seat so we can eliminate speed crushing ‘rock-back’ on landings yet still boof like a champ.

Whether its bombing down your local run as fast as possible, or doing a 10-day expedition paddle down the Grand Canyon, the Karma RG has you covered.


Model Length Width Height Volume Weight Cockpit
Unlimited RG 11'10 ft 25 in 14.75 in 94 gal 58 lbs L (tight) or XL (easy)