Pro Angler 17T Tandem Fishing Kayak

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Item #M1131

The new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T is hands down the best tandem fishing kayak ever made. With comfort, stability and ample room for everything you need, the Pro Angler 17T is the ultimate way to enjoy your local lake, reservoir, bay, inlet or flatwater river. Enjoy nearly hands-free operation and mind-blowing power thanks to world- renowned patented pedal system, the Hobie MirageDrive 180 ARC. You’ll also have the choice to set up the fully adjustable Vantage XT Seating, in the in-line tandem configuration, face-to-face social tandem, or as a single.

The PA17T is the perfect platform to take your family member out, teach a young one how to fish, bring the dog, or win that coveted fishing tournament with your best fishing buddy. It can also be configured to paddled solo thanks to its third drive hole, making it the ultimate expedition fishing kayak. With three rudder control steering handles, you can position the boat from any seating location while you or your buddy battles the big one. Both users can stand and fish in comfort and each cockpit is fitted with a large rectangular hatch with pivoting tackle management system; there’s even additional under-seat storage for bringing plenty of tackle boxes. Fishing rod storage both front and rear holds up to 12 rods, and the new H-Rail System allows you to customize all your accessory placements.

The Lowrance Ready feature with pre-installed thru-hull cable plug outlets makes adding most fishfinders easy. Use it “guide style” where the aft passenger provides MirageDrive power and puts the front angler on the fish or add an optional trolling motor to use it like a bass boat. Add the optional Livewell XL for storing your catch or taking plenty of live bait. The new drop down skeg provides solid tracking over long voyages or when a headwind picks up. This vessel has found its niche through human propulsion via the MirageDrive, the ability to launch in no-motor zones or areas with no boat ramp, and minimal maintenance thanks to its durable polyethylene hull and rigid components. It’s all about getting out there as often as possible... the Pro Angler 17T is waiting for you and a friend to explore new waters and better your biggest catches!

  • Double passenger model with two MirageDrive 180 ARC pedaling systems with Turbo Kick-Up Fins
  • Hand-controlled rudder steering for rear passenger, with kick-up feature
  • High-back Vantage XT seats
  • Guardian retractable transducer shield
  • H-Rail system with integrated pivoting tackle management
  • Self-draining cockpit scuppers
  • On-deck receptacle for sail mast, bimini, dive flag, etc.
  • Itegrated Rod Storage
  • Standing Platform Deck Pads


Length Width Hull Weight Rigged Weight Capacity
17' 43.5 in 206.5 lbs 244 lbs 900 lbs