NRS Roll-A-Table Utensil Holder

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Roll-A-Table Utensil Holder

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Use the NRS Utensil Holder for the Camp Time Roll-A-Table as an affordable solution for drying your camp cooking utensils and cookware. Built with rugged mesh that is durable and breathable, featuring a total of six pockets for your dish drying pleasure. Grommeted tabs attach to two of the Roll-A-Table legs during assembly. It also does double duty as utensil transport thanks to hook-and-loop tabs on a 6" top flap.  

  • The rugged mesh lets air circulate to dry dishes quickly.
  • Two 12"D x 14"W pockets hold plates and larger dishes.
  • Four 10"D x 7"W pockets work great for cutlery and cooking utensils.
  • Grommeted tabs attach to two of the Roll-A-Table legs when you're setting your table up.
  • Hook-and-loop tabs on a 6" wide flap hold your dishes in for transport. Just fold the Utensil Holder up and put it in your drybox or dry bag. You're organized, no muss, no fuss! 


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