4CRS Geri 4 Gallon Water Jug

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Geri 4 Gallon Water Jug

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The Expedition One Geri 4 Gallon Water Jug is a different take on traditional water cans. The Geri is made of high strength polymer plastic with 11 thru-body slots that make for easy transport and storage. Thanks to its heavy duty construction, the Geri can support up to 800lbs of weight, making it ideal to double as a passenger seat or decking table on your raft frame. A pre-marked fill line for freezing allows you to use the Geri in larger coolers as a replacement for block ice, that will double as extra water when it thaws and keep the contents of your cooler from getting saturated with melt water. The Geri features a screw-on vent cap and a self-enclosed flex spout for easy pouring. 


  • 34"L x 13.5"W x 3.125"D
  • 4 Gallons
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