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The AT Samurai whitewater kayak paddle is the smallest blade in the fiberglass Advanced Series line. Designed for playboaters, the Samurai features an offset, higher-cadence blade for precise and quick moves. The Samurai also works great for smaller paddlers or those that like having a high-cadence blade for river running and downriver play. Durable Duraweave fiberglass blades are light and responsive, while being able to stand up to the abuse of shallow river features and play parks. Vibrant, electric blue blades deliver more visibility on the water, grabbing attention when you need it most. Designed for quick and responsive strokes, the Samurai will deliver the kind of agile performance playboaters and river-runners expect.


Shaft Weight Surface Area Offset
Straight 35.5 oz 675 sq/cm 30 degree
Bent 40.25 oz 675 sq/cm 30 degree

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