Jackson Kayak RockStar - Competition Model

RockStar - Competition Model
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Jackson Kayak

RockStar - Competition Model

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The Jackson Rockstar Competition Model takes Jackson's best freestyle hull design to date and makes it even better! Stiffer, more responsive and a full 3 pounds lighter than the standard model! Thanks to its carbon rail and lighter weight seat design, the Competition goes bigger, spins faster and initiates moves much easier than that standard Rock Star.

Geared towards ease of use and skills progression, the Rockstar is the new standard with a reshaped hull to perform with better balance, responsiveness and with more carving power and easier edging.  Molded with a new ergonomic design, stiffer hull, and redesigned outfitting gives paddlers a much more comfortable body position that takes advantage of ergonomic strengths, and leads to a stronger body/boat interface and provides an easier roll.


  • Shorter, lighter, faster, more spacious and comfortable.­­
  • 3lbs lighter than the standard model and 6 lbs­ lighter than most other plastic playboats on the market
  • 1" shorter than the previous model for easier initiation and faster spins
  • Faster hull design for speed on a wave and bigger aerial moves
  • New rocker profile, with more continuous rocker for less perling
  • Narrower hull for quicker and easier edge transitions
  • Improved Sure-Loc Backband with a higher profile and more surface area for a tighter and more ergonomic fit
  • New "Hip Locker" hip pads with molded plastic interface that holds its shape and position in the boat better
  • Redesigned "Sweet Cheeks" seat with a better contour and less weight
  • Tighter knee pockets and more thigh contact for a snugger and more performance minded fit
  • Higher density and stiffer plastic hull provides even more shape retention and performance in a lighter shell.
  • Stiffer welded-in hull Support Track for better shape retention, improved wave surfing speed, looseness, and retentiveness.


Size Length Width Height Volume Weight Paddler Weight
SM 5'4 ft 24.75 in 14 in 48.5 gal 25 lbs 90-140 lbs
MD 5'8.5 ft 26 in 15 in 57.5 gal 27.5 lbs 140-200 lbs
LG 5'10 ft 27 in 15.5 in 65 gal 30.5 lbs 165-220 lbs

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