Inland Marine Liquid Rubber Inflatable Coating

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Inland Marine

Liquid Rubber Inflatable Coating

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Inland Marine Liquid Rubber is truly a unique rubberized coating for both Hypalon and PVC inflatables.  Use it to refurbish worn areas of your inflatable raft, kayak, dinghy, paddle board or just about anything made from Hypalon or PVC fabric.  Use it to seal pin hole leaks, re-coat sun or abrasion worn areas, even if some of the fabric weave is showing through.  Liquid Rubber is a 100% pure EPDM liquid-form rubber that cures without vulcanizing (applying high heat and pressure at the same time, which is what the manufacturer did when your boat was made).  Liquid Rubber "paints" on to form a seamless, leakproof membrane of pure rubber, with the consistency of honey.  One quart will renew a 10-foot boat with a coating 5-7 mils thick, when applied according to the easy-to-follow instructions.  If you can paint a wall, you can do this! Since the original skin of most inflatable boats is 5-6 mils thick, Liquid Rubber truly renews and restores your boat to like new condition. 

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