Starboard Whopper 10' Paddle Board

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Whopper 10' Paddle Board

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The Starboard Whopper 10' stand up paddle board is a versatile design that is great for beginners looking for an all-around board. One of the original wide boards, the 10' x 34" Whopper is ultra-stable but still responsive and lively on a wave, perfect for beginners looking to try out SUP surfing.  Featuring a V shape in the stance area, promoting rail-to-rail reactivity, running to a single concave that accelerates the water through the back of the board to a V off the tail, give the Whopper surprising responsiveness for a board so wide.  Almost impossible to nosedive, it catches even the smallest waves with ease, making SUPing even more fun. But don't think the Whopper is a one-trick pony, it holds its own on the flats and works great as a fitness board.

  • 'Starshot' layup has multiple layers of high grade fiberglass are wetted out in epoxy resin, Australian Pine wood layer is added for extra deck impact resistance and strength. All inserts have added reinforcements.
  • Glass reinforced side rails.
  • 3/4 deck pads with crocodile skin texture.
  • Full gloss rails and deck.


Length Width Thickness Volume
10 ft 34 in 4.1 in 168 liters

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