NRS Woodland Power Stove

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Woodland Power Stove

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The Woodland Power Stove is the perfect blaster-style stove that won't take up half your drybox. The Power Stove cranks out a whopping 65,000 BTUs at full blast and can support over 100 lbs. It accommodates even the largest of pots and pans, and easily packs down into a small 12" x 12" carrying bag. The high quality UL listed regulator comes with a 48" hose that can attach to bulk propane tanks and allows you to adjust the output from 5,000 to 65,000 BTUs. The removable windscreen keeps you cooking even in a moderate to heavy wind and the included ground stakes keep your cooking platform stable and secure.

  • Made entirely of heavy gauge stainless steel, the Power Stove will support over 100 pounds of weight.

  • The high-quality UL Listed propane regulator lets you adjust the flame from a simmering 5,000 to a blazing 65,000 BTU/hour.

  • Entire unit weighs only 5-1/2 pounds and compactly stores in your dry box or kitchen box.

  • The unique flame spreader sits atop the burner tube to diffuse the flame for uniform heating.

  • Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel parts of the stove and one-year warranty on the hose and regulator.

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