Jacks Plastic Welding El Tigre 17' Cataraft

El Tigre 17' Cataraft
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Jacks Plastic Welding

El Tigre 17' Cataraft

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Designed for big water, the Jack's Plastic El Tigre 17' Cataraft is the largest non-custom cat built by Jack's.  With blunt tips, 28 inch tubes and a 12 foot waterline, the El Tigre allows you to bring everything plus the kitchen sink, perfect for trips like the Grand, the Powell Expedition trip, Middle thru Main Salmon and other multi-week big water trips. 

El Tigre is constructed with 42 oz welded PVC on the bottom of the tubes and 35 oz on top for maximum durability.  Each tube features two cone shaped baffles, which will extend to 2/3 the length of the tube should one chamber go flat.  Blunt tips keep the waterline long while cutting down on the boat length and offer some bounce should unexpected encounters with a rock wall occur.  El Tigre tubes come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

*Price is for tubes only. Frame and rigging not included*


Length Weight Waterline Chambers per tube Tube Diameter D-rings per tube
17' 90 lbs 12' 2 28 in 12

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