Jacks Plastic Welding Mosquito Pack / Fishing Raft

Mosquito Pack / Fishing Raft
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Jacks Plastic Welding

Mosquito Pack / Fishing Raft

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At 27 pounds, the Jack's Plastic Mosquito is the perfect fishing boat to get you on your favorite lake, pond or calm river.  The Mosquito is designed to be used with flippers for propulsion, and can be paddled or rowed.  Includes a packable frame that is very similar to the one used on the Fat Cat and Pack Cat.  Also comes with a foot bar and removable oar towers.  There is no floor up front but there is a laced in compartment to carry gear in the back.  10 year manufacturers warranty.


Length Width Weight Chambers Capacity Waterline
88 in 40 in 27 lbs 1 250 lbs 50 in

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