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Culebra Paddle Cat

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Item #11509

Run the sh**, Son! With the Jack's Plastic Culebra frameless paddle cat, you won't turn back. And yet it's light enough to portage easily when needed. The Culebra cataraft is designed to be paddled R2, without a frame, featuring two permanent, inflatable cross tubes that keep the boat rigid. Thanks to its small, high rocker profile, the Culebra can be taken anywhere you're brave enough to take it. Its ultra-light weight (46 lbs) allows you to paddle it to places that other rafts or cats simply can't go. Easily portaged and packable, the Culebra rolls up to 33" x 12" x 24" (or smaller) when deflated. Durable, welded PVC construction keeps your tubes up and on the water, even when the river gets bony and shallow.

The Culebra is available in multiple other configurations including rescue, 4 person, 6-8 person. Please contact us for more info and pricing. 10 year manufacturers warranty.


Length Width Weight Tube Diameter Chambers Capacity Waterline  
11' 65 in 46 lbs 19 in 4 500 lbs 55 in